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Bienvenue à la ferme

Some Recipe ideas

For the tea, after a good day of work, Le BOULET de KASSEL, adapts at every moment of the life.

Cut in buckets it will accompany very pleasantly like appetizer, mainly served with an artisan beer if it is possible by Flandres like 3 Monts, Gavroche, blond L'Esquelbecq or amber and the Rouge Flamande.

Also it can be part of a crispy salad (ex: escarolaor  endive) for cold plates, but also it is  cooked in hot plate like welsch, or  the cake to the cheese to replace maroilles.

Small advice of conservation: The cupboard or the vegetablebox  of the fridge  offers a good temperature and the advisable humidity.

It is flavoured at environmental temperature and it`s better to consume it half on an hour before.