La Ferme des Templiers
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Bienvenue à la ferme

Our Activity

The familiar farm that dates from the 18th century is located in the heart of Flanders, in Oxelaëre, a small greenish town that is in the valley of Cassel, between Lila and Dunkirk, some kilometers far from theAudomarois marsh.

Our main activity is the milk cattle ranch of flamenco red race cows essentially, whose purpose is the transformation of milk in "Le Boulet de Cassel"  cheese,  butter and yoghourt.

You also have the possibility to visit the place of work in reserve, and also to come to discover our sale point in the farm, every day of the year you will find local products of the farm and others too.

Welcome and visit the farm of the "Templier" soon where Marie Christine and Marie will be pleasant to receive you.