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Bienvenue à la ferme

Le Boulet de Cassel, our specialty

Le Boulet de Cassel is our cheese speciality unique in the region and in a  national level, since we are the unique ones that we keep the recipe  and we carry on  preparing it using an artisan way in the same heart of our farm. The whole crude milk, grazes pressed not cooked are part of the ingredients of the cheese.

With a rounded form, it  is like the  cheese type  of Dutch origin, with orange colour, and opposite to the Dutch cheese that generally weight 2 kg, is customized in balls that weigh 500g each: it is what it makes individual; but nor even so, since flamencas is an exclusively  cheese made of the milk of the red cows!

In summary you as you understood, "Le Boulet de Cassel" is a cheese with an exceptional quality that belongs to the local territory.